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By: Wpsmart
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Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Install WordPress Theme
  2. Install Plugins
  3. One Click Demo Import
  4. Getting to know the Elementor UI
  5. Creating your section
  6. Create Home Page
  7. Create Header Design
  8. Create Footer Design
  9. Create Custom Pages (Archive pages, Category pages, Tags pages, Search Page and 404 Page)
  10. Setup social Counter
  11. Updates and Info
  12. Help And Support

Install WordPress Theme - top

  1. Login To Your site
  2. Go to "Appearances" and Click on "Themes"
  3. Now click "Add New" button and click "Upload Theme" Button
  4. Now brows your ThemeForest Download Folder and lick on "siren.zip" file
  5. After Upload Complete Activate Theme Button

Install Plugins - top

Siren theme use some Custom and Third party Plugins for Page builder, Admin framework etc.. so you need to install these plugins to Work wth theme

  1. You Can see top message about plugin activation, or you can go to "Appearances" and then click "Install Plugins"
  2. Now Select All Plugins and Then Select Install Form dropdown, then click "Apply" Button
  3. After The Install All plugins, Select All plugins again (Same as Step 2) and select "Activate" from the drop down list and apply
  4. Now Your Theme Is ready To use

One Click Demo Import - top

After Install Siren WordPress Theme. Lets follow this steps to import demo content. Check this video. Before Start This you Need to Install Siren WordPress Theme 2.0.1 or higher version

Demo Importer Download URL


Getting to know the Elementor UI - top

The Elementor page builder includes these main areas:

  1. Panel (Top): Use the search field to find a widget.
  2. Widgets / Widget Settings: Choose a widget and configure it.
  3. Preview Button: Enables you to preview the page. Once clicked it hides/shows the panel.
  4. Panel (Bottom): View page, Go back to Dashboard or Save page.
  5. Content Area: Drag & drop widgets and design your page.
  6. Add New Section / Add Template: Choose between creating a new section or inserting an existing template.

Creating your section - top

A section is the most basic element that you can work with. It's the building block of every page. A section can be set as full width and spread all over the screen, or receive the content area width (by default).

Create Home Page - top

Siren theme use Elementor plugins for page builder, so follow these steps to make unique page design to your blog. if yo need to watch our video tutorial please visit to our youtube chanel - "Wpsmart WordPress Tutorial"

  1. First Create A Page - Go to "Page" >> "Add New"
  2. You need to Select Template and "Page Builder Template" and click Publish (Check the screenshots below).
  3. after the click on Publish Button click on "Edit With Elementor" Button
  4. Now you can see Our Custom made Widgets and Elementor Plugin default widgets. you can use these widgets as you need
  5. You can drag and drop blocks and make a your page, after the editing part don't forget to click on "Update" Button and save your changes
  6. Now you have Unique page Design, lest set it as home page
  7. You can go to "Siren", (Bottom of theme wordpress admin panel)
  8. Go to "Layout" Section and select your home page form the dropdown list

Create Header Design - top

Siren allow users to create unique own header design for there sites,

  1. first go to "Appearance" >> "Header Footer Builder"
  2. now Click on "Add new" Button
  3. and Add your Own name for header, Select header or footer form drop down, and select template as a "Default Template" nad click on "Publish" Button
  4. After you click on publish, Now Click on "Edit With Elementor" Button and start Edit
  5. After You Complete your Edit, click on Update button,
  6. Lets set you Created Header as your site header
  7. Go to "Siren" >> Header
  8. and turn on "Enable custom Header Design" as on
  9. After you turn on that, you can see "Select Your Header Design" Dropdown
  10. select you already design header form that list, and click "Save"

Create Footer Design - top

Siren Footer Design is same as Header design, follow these steps to make footer

  1. same as header builder, you need to go to "Appearance" >> "Header Footer Builder"
  2. nad now click on "Add new" Button and start create footer section
  3. Select "Type of Template" as "Footer" from the dropdown
  4. and publish and create your own design (same as previous header design steps)
  5. now Go to "Siren" >> "Footer" section and select your footer design

Create Custom Pages
(Archive pages, Category pages, Tags pages, Search Page and 404 Page)
- top

Siren Have Very Unique Custom Feature for Create your Own Page With your Own Design,

1) Single Page - top

Siren support To Create custom Page Designs to each pages, so follow these steps to create your own one

  1. Go to "AE Templates" >> and then click "Add New"
  2. Add name, Select Template as "Elementor Full Width" and then click Publish button First
  3. after the click on "Published" Button, now click on "Edit With Elementor"
  4. After you Edits Done Click on Update button (Same as we do in previous steps)
  5. now Go to "Post" >> "New" or "Post" >> Edit currently Published post
  6. and Scroll Down
  7. Now you can see some Options Related to Page, now turn on "Custom Single Page Template" and select your template from the list
  8. and finally you Can Click "Publish" button

2) Archive Pages - top

  1. Go to "AE Templates" >> and then click "Add New"
  2. Add name, Select Template as "Elementor Full Width" and then click Publish button First
  3. you can make a unique your own archive page design and click on save
  4. now go to "Siren" >> "Layout"
  5. and Select Archive Page Design
  6. Follow the same steps for 404 page, Category archive, tags archive, search result page and 404 page

Setup social Counter - top

Follow This Steps to Setup Social Counters

  1. Go to "Siren" >> and then click "Options"
  2. Follow the same steps for Category archive, tags archive, search result page and 404 page
  3. Now Scroll Down
  4. Now you Will see Separate Sections for Each Social Media
  5. Go to Each Link and Create a Custom App/Secret Key for each Socail site
    1. Create Twitter App
    2. Create instagram App
    3. Create Token For youTube
    4. Create Token For SoundCloud
    5. Create Token For Vimeo
    6. Create Token For Behance
  6. After you complete this setup you can go to elementor editor and select social counter block.
  7. There have very simple options, user can add title, sub title, colors, counter style and show/hide each social media counter
Facebook Not Support For Fan page Counter after Recent API Update

Update 1.0.1 [2019/11/13] - top

This is Latest patch we released, In this update we added Customization option for persuader

  1. Login to Site and Go to "Siren"
  2. Go to "General" Section
  3. and now you can enable/disable pre-loader or replace preloader image

Update 1.0.2 [2019/11/19] - top

in this patch we added CSS and JS optimization for speedup your site loading speed

  1. Login to Site and Go to "Siren"
  2. Go to "General" Section
  3. There have new Two options, JavaScript Compress And CSS Compress, you can enable or disable this, if you enable it will compress JS/CSS and make it as a one File
  4. some time you will face some issue after use this option, its depend on plugins you used. IF you face some issue after use this option, Disable it and keep as previous

Update 1.0.4 [2019/12/25] - top

Latest Patch With Big Update. please check update note here - Siren WordPress Theme Version 1.0.4

Help and Support - top

Thanks Very much to Use Our Premium Wordpress Theme, We need to make sure your site is functioning well and no issues, we need to support our theme users. so if you have an issue, just contact us using Themeforest profile contact page or using our email - probthemes@gmail.com

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


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